Publications 2020

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Chung, C.Z., Amikura, K., Söll, D(2020) Using genetic code expansion for protein biochemical studies. Front Bioeng Biotechnol, Abstract
Krahn, N., Fischer, J.T., Söll, D. (2020) Naturally occurring tRNAs with non-canonical structures. Front Microbiol, Abstract
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Tharp, J.M., Krahn, N., Varshney, U., Söll, D. (2020) Hijacking Translation Initiation for Synthetic Biology. Chembiochem, Abstract
Tharp, J.M., Ad, O., Amikura, K., Ward, F.R., Garcia, E.M., Cate, J.H.D., Schepartz, A., Söll, D. (2020) Initiation of protein synthesis with noncanonical amino acids in vivo. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, Abstract