Publications 2018

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Melnikov, S.V., Manakongtreecheep, K., Rivera, K.D., Makarenko,A., Pappin,D.J., Söll,D. (2018) Muller’s ratchet and ribosome degeneration in the obligate intracellular parasites Microsporidia.  Int. J. Mol. Sci., Abstract
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Hoffman, K.S., Crnković, A., Söll, D. (2018) Versatility of synthetic tRNAs in genetic code expansion.  Genes (Basel), Abstract
Fu, X., Crnković, A., Sevostyanova, A., Söll, D.  (2018) Designing seryl-tRNA synthetase for improved serylation of selenocysteine tRNAs. FEBS Lett, Abstract
Umehara, T., Kosono, S., Söll, D., Tamura, K. (2018) Lysine Acetylation Regulates Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase Activity in Escherichia coli. Genes (Basel),  Abstract
O’Donoghue, P., Ling, J., Söll, D. (2018) Transfer RNA function and evolution. RNA BiolAbstract
Vargas-Rodriguez, O., Sevostyanova, A., Söll, D., Crnković, A.  (2018) Upgrading aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases for genetic code expansion. Curr Opin Chem Biol, Abstract
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Vargas-Rodriguez, O., Englert, M., Merkuryev, A., Mukai, T., Söll D. (2018) Recoding of the selenocysteine UGA codon by cysteine in the presence of a non-canonical tRNACys and elongation factor SelB. RNA Biol., Abstract
Mukai, T., Sevostiyanova, A., Suzuki, T., Fu, X., Söll, D. (2018) A facile method for producing selenocysteine-containing proteins. Angew Chem, Abstract
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Fu, X., Söll, D., Sevostyanova, A. (2018) Challenges of site-specific selenocysteine incorporation into proteins by Escherichia coli.  RNA Biol, Abstract

Ho, J.M., Bakkalbasi, E., Söll, D., Miller, C.A. (2018) Drugging tRNA aminoacylation. RNA Biol, Abstract

Crnković, A., Vargas-Rodriguez, O., Merkuryev, A., Söll, D. (2018) Effects of heterologous tRNA modifications on the production of proteins containing noncanonical amino acids.  Bioengineering (Basel), Abstract

Kunjapur, A.M., Stork, DA., Kuru, E., Vargas-Rodriguez, O., Landon, M., Söll, D., Church, G.M. (2018) Engineering posttranslational proofreading to discriminate nonstandard amino acids. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, Abstract