Söllfest 2023

Event time: 
Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 8:00am
Marsh Lecture Hall See map
Yale Science Building
Event description: 

Symposium Honoring Dieter Söll

“tRNA and the genetic code: From the three domains of life and the four corners of the globe.”

You may download the tentative symposium schedule at the following link


                     Marsh Auditorium Lobby

9:00 am       WELCOME

                    Scott Strobel, Yale University

                    Mike Ibba, Chapman University

Session I   Chaired by Alex Ambrogelly, Gilead Sciences

                     & Oscar Vargas-Rodriguez, University of Connecticut

                     “Söll Lab longevity, a brief introduction”

9:15 am       Paul Agris

                     Duke University

                     “Modifying RNA, the early years”

9:35 am       Alice Cheung

                     University of Massachusetts, Amherst

                     “From KBT to deciphering the biology of plant reproduction”

9:55 am       Ian Willis

                     Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY

“Increased health span and neurodegeneration: Opposing outcomes from perturbations impacting tRNA”

10:15 am     BREAK

                     Marsh Auditorium Lobby

Session II  Chaired by Patricia Hoben, City Forward Collective,

                     Milwaukee, WI

10:55 am     Lynn Cooley

                     Yale University

                     “Stop codons make sense in Drosophila”

11:15 am     Omar Orellana

                     University of Chile, Santiago de Chile

                     “From transfer RNAs to codon usage and metabolic reprogramming”

11:35 am     David Frendewey


                     “RNase P(lease) — from tRNA to Lou Gehrig’s Disease”       

11:55 am     Connie Mulligan

                     University of Florida, Gainesville

                     “From tRNA splicing to psychosocial stress”

12:15 pm     LUNCH (for registered attendees only)

Session III            Chaired by Martina Jahn

                                Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany

1:45 pm                  Alison DeLong

                                Brown University

                                “Roots [and Shoots] in the Söllarium: Travels with Arabidopsis                                            PP2A”

2:05 pm                  Mike Ibba

                                Chapman University

“Archaeal genomics-based discovery of novel pathways for aminoacyl-tRNA synthesis”

2:25 pm                  Hubert Becker

                                University of Strasbourg, France

“Getting things wrong on purpose: First, charging the wrong tRNA; then, not even a tRNA; now, what else?”

2:45 pm                  Sotiria Palioura

                                Athens, Greece

                                “Keeping an eye on Sec”

3:00 pm                  BREAK

                                Marsh Auditorium Lobby

Session IV            Chaired by Jesse Reinhart, Yale University

                                & Constantinos Stathopoulos, University of Patras, Greece

3:30 pm                  Stephanie Herring

                                National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO

                                “Did climate change do that? Explaining extreme events from a                                          climate  perspective”

3:50 pm                  Patrick O’Donoghue

                                Western University, London, ON, Canada

                                “Messing with the genetic code: Transfer RNAs in health and                                              disease”

4:10 pm                  Sergey Melnikov

                                Newcastle University, UK

                                “Getting things wrong on purpose: What organisms with the                                              smallest natural genomes can teach us about pains and pleasures                                   of being alive”

4:30 pm                  Juan Alfonzo

                                The Ohio State University

                                “She says, he says, she says, he says…I was Solled”

4:40 pm                  Dieter Söll


                                Lynn Cooley, Yale University

                                RECEPTION AND DINNER TO FOLLOW (by invitation only)